“I am proud to be part of the wave of storytelling, culture-making and paradigm-shifting projects that change the way we all see and feel things”

Rose Ricketson is a freelance creative producer working across film, theatre, podcast, and community engagement, who is passionate about telling human stories which touch the heart.

With a background in fine art, Rose brings a keen eye for detail to her work, ensuring that every aspect of a project is aligned. Work in film and live theatre has given her a deep engagement with the art of storytelling, and her work in diverse communities has shaped her gentle and compassionate touch.

She works alongside artists to help stories come to life, bringing a deep passion for collaboration and community engagement to the way she ushers projects to life. 

From 2012–2018, Rose worked with Australia’s leading arts and social change organisation, Big hART, including working with incarcerated women on the Yijaa Yala project in WA, young, rural  women n Project O in NSW, and alongside artists on the Namatjira Project in NT. 

Her worked is affirmed by the beauty and vulnerability found in voices that may otherwise not be heard. The common thread in all of her work is the desire to find authentic and original pathways for sharing stories with the world.

Since becoming a mother, she has a special focus on the lived experiences of mothers and women, illuminating often overlooked stories of matrescence, community-making and belonging, and

highlighting how care work is a radical act of cultural change. With two young children at home, Rose provides space for other in the community to sit with changing ideas of selfhood and belonging.

 “I’ve immersed myself in women’s work. And what a massive, expansive, uncomfortable, and rewarding education it’s been.”

Rose has recently expanded her community work, producing events as part of a resilience project after the Black Summer. She holds a special place in her heart for her own community of Braidwood, and has most recently worked on a series of six documentaries recording the experiences of residents of rural NSW during the Black Summer bushfires, Heart of the Storm.

Rose is constantly inspired by the richness of the world, and in creating art from the substance of everyday life.

Her short film with writer and director Clare Young, Love Forever, was screened at the 2022 Venice Biennale as part of the Orizzonti Short Films Competition, but she is equally invested in the conversations that she has at the shops, the efforts of local community groups, and the creativity of others around her.

She approaches her work with a balance of head and heart, bringing her true and full self to projects that are meaningful and beautiful.