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In reverence of women, birth and motherhood


Hi! I'm Rosie Rick 

Artist, Mother, Doula 

I work with women from pre-conception through to postpartum to assist in the

profound transition that is the birth of a new baby. 

My offerings range from a simple catch up, to full spectrum doula support

throughout pregnancy to birth and postpartum.

I help mothers and their families decide what kind of birth and care is right for them,

and support them in their journey towards their goals for a healthy and thriving baby and family. 

If you're interested in working with me, book in a chat and we can go over

my offerings and see if we make a good fit for each other. 

I believe​ that no woman should be alone on the journey into motherhood.

I am here to not only make the path easier, but make it enjoyable and expansive. 


Current Special Offerings

As well as pregnancy, birth and postpartum support, here are some current special offerings available.

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Doula Care Packages

Mothering the Mother

Pregnancy support


You're pregnant!

 Together, we can go through:

- Your care options 

- Your ideal birth 

- Birth education resources

- Reading material and nutritional advice 

- Yoga and movement resources 

- Your choices and rights in hospital

- Your home birth and free birth questions

- Your health concerns

- Any concerns you have for birth or baby

- Connect you with other likeminded pregnant mamas online or in the community 

-I can help design and facilitate a blessing circle for the mother to be, with many beautiful rituals to consider for a nourishing women's event. 

Birth Support


In-person birth support for home or hospital birth servicing: 

Braidwood region / ACT / Batemans Bay

and surrounds / Goulburn / Southern Tablelands. 

This package includes:

  • Accompaniment to 2 hospital visits for women birthing in hospital. 

  • 3 prenatal and 3 postnatal visits

  • Support during labour and birth 

    (Please note depending on location some of these sessions will be online). 

Birth support includes optional care choices for the birthing woman and family such as: 

- Organising food, water and supplies for the birth 

- Organising the rental and delivery of home birth pool 

- Childcare

- Helping to create the ideal birth space - bringing candles, salt lamps, essential oils, herbs, massage oils,

affirmations and more. 

- Massage and acupressure for

pain relief during labour including

rebozo and fit ball. 

- Playlist and mood support 

- Emotional support person for dad / family 

This package is available to be tailored to your needs. Extra costs are incurred depending on optional support requirements. 

Postnatal Care

$200 - $300 

Postnatal support is provided in home only and includes the following options: 

- Food and meal delivery - all organic, highly nutritious, yummy meals from soups, stews, lactation treats, broths, energy snacks and frozen, healthy meals for the family. 

- Birth Debriefing 

- 'Closing the Bones' a lovely, intimate way of honouring the mothers body and the work she has done to bring baby in. 

- Babymoon support - helping mama with household work so she can stay resting and relaxed. From washing to cleaning to childcare, I am here to lighten the load. 

- Friendship and community - I can connect you with other new mums as well as provide you with resources that will help you on your unique path - from podcasts to Facebook support groups. 

- Resources and support for breastfeeding, pelvic health and recovery. 

-Parenting resources from baby sleep and settling to conscious parenting choices 

Work with me

I work with women from the ACT or South East NSW region I am available to meet in person to see if we are a good fit for each other. I also work remotely from my country home, using Zoom, Skype or phone call and have great sessions online with clients from all over.

Get to Know Me

I believe in radical care.


This looks like: 


- Honouring the birthing woman during big life transitions 

- Resourcing her with all the information she needs to make the choices that are right for her and her family 

- Looking after her needs, from nourishing food to healing touch, emotional support and

tools and tips to thrive in early motherhood 

- Advocating for her wellbeing within systems of healthcare and postpartum support 

- Resourcing her with stories, podcasts, book recommendations,

communities and healers for her to feel connected, informed and inspired. 

- Supporting her in her parenting choices and helping her manage the onslaught of 'advice'. 

- Helping her navigate new relationship dynamics postpartum 

-Helping her come back to her well self after birth by supporting restoration and rest through massage, nutrition and sleep 


My background is in visual arts, community engagement, social change and producing. I have produced creative projects with visionary artists and companies, from community-led events to short films, stage shows and touring performance. I look back on my career in the arts and see that I have been a doula all along, helping to birth projects, ideas and visions into the world. This work requires emotional commitment, and I am here to stay. 

I did my doula training with Angel Phoenix Gallo, through the Dynamo Doula Program. 
I am currently studying psychotherapy and holistic postpartum care with Innate Traditions. 

I had a very profound pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience that has helped me feel much closer to my authentic self.

 I have emerged empowered to be a confident and purposeful mother,

driven to value my energetic contribution as a mother. 


I have been through many moons of personal reflection, unearthing the truth of my purpose,

and it is my deep honour to be offering myself to you in this way. 

My job is to keep you safe, held and supported throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey.


I live a slow life in the country with my husband and baby girl, and work with women online from around the world. 
I value creativity, community, healing and working in harmony with nature. 


 Are you excited about the potential for personal rebirth and transformation as you cross the threshold into motherhood?

I am too! 

I love to walk alongside women as we both travel through life and motherhood together 

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