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An online weekly support group running monthly.
A place to come for friendship, support and community. These circles are an open and non-judgmental space to share the joys and brutalities of pregnancy. Max 10 people per group. 
August Group:
Fridays 2pm.


Online support groups for new mothers living in rural, remote and regional Australia. 
An online weekly support group running monthly. A place to come for friendship, support and community. These circles are an open and non-judgmental space to share the joys and brutalities of new motherhood. Max 10 people per group. 
August Group: 
Mondays 2pm.


Feel like you need someone to talk to about your experience being pregnant or becoming a mother in the country? I'm here to be a friend and support person.



No woman should be alone on the journey into motherhood.

I'm Rosie Rick 

Artist, Doula, Mother, Carer. 

 >> I care about mothers. 
 >> I care about transformational birthing. 

 >> I care about the opportunity and potential for personal evolution and healing as we pass the threshold into motherhood. 

 >> I care about mothers feeling cared for, empowered, respected and purposeful in our love and our giving 

>> I care about mothers thriving, not just surviving 

>> I care about using motherhood as an invitation for deep self inquiry and self knowledge 
>> I care about conscious parenting 

>> I care about belonging, community and wellbeing 

>> I care about the planet and living gently

>> I care about you 

Motherhood is an opportunity for personal and spiritual evolution.

I am here to walk by your side. 

Through personal one-on-one coaching, I work with women from pre-conception through to postpartum to assist in the profound spiritual transition that is the birth of the mother. 

I work with women who are interested in using the rite of passage that is motherhood

to remember her gifts and her innate power. 



I love to chat! Book in a chat with me and we can talk through what support you are looking for

- Preconception and pregnancy support 
- Birth options and planning support 

- Birth Doula
- Early motherhood support: breastfeeding, sleep and settling, health and wellbeing in postpartum, birth debriefing. 

- Postpartum meal delivery and home care 

Together we will walk through traditions, resources and practices that return you to an understanding of the power of motherhood and care work. 

Birth and motherhood invite us to discover an authentic and wild version of our womanhood which is the seed for enormous transformative potential. I am so honoured to walk this path with you. 

We will work on what motherhood means to you and how to remove any blocks that stand in the way to being the mother of your dreams - 

full of purpose, creativity and fulfilment. 

I offer a minimum of 3 sessions, fortnightly over 6 weeks, at any phase of your motherhood journey – preconception, pregnancy or postpartum. This package can be purchased multiple times at different stages of your journey, when you’re ready. 

I am able to work with you throughout this whole journey also, depending on how much guidance, support and resources you are looking for. 

This work is deeply personal and requires us to look at the masks we wear and the roles we play. This journey will support you to be more confident in your role as mother and the choices you make for your family. I will work with you to honour your health as the cornerstone of your family’s wellbeing, and remind you how important it is for mothers to thrive, not just survive.


Work with me

I work with women from the ACT or South East NSW region I am available to meet in person to see if we are a good fit for each other. I also work remotely from my country home, using Zoom, Skype or phone call and have great sessions online with clients from all over.


Get to Know Me

My background is in visual arts, community engagement, social change and producing. I have produced creative projects with visionary artists and companies, from community-led events to short films, stage shows and touring performance. I look back on my career in the arts and see that I have been a doula all along, helping to birth projects, ideas and visions into the world. This work requires emotional commitment, and I am here to stay. 

I did my doula training with Angel Phoenix Gallo, through the Dynamo Doula Program. 
I am currently studying psychotherapy and holistic postpartum care. 

I had a very profound pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience that has helped me feel much closer to my authentic self.

I have emerged empowered to be a confident and purposeful mother,

driven to value my energetic contribution above all else. 

I have been through many moons of personal reflection, unearthing the truth of my purpose,

and it is my deep honour to be offering myself to you in this way. 

I live a slow life in the country with my husband and baby girl, and work with women online from around the world. 
I value creativity, community, healing and working in harmony with nature. 

 Are you excited about the potential for personal rebirth and transformation as you cross the threshold into motherhood?

I am too! 

I love to walk alongside women as we both travel through life and motherhood together 


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