Rosie Rick - Holistic Birth Work & Mother Care, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Braidwood NSW, Canberra, Golburn, Batemans Bay
Rosie Rick - Holistic Birth Work and Mot

Walking with Women to Discover the Gifts of Birth & New Motherhood

Hi. I'm Rosie.

I provide holistic Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Support, Coaching and Education  

To me, holistic means I have confidence in approaching this special time in a woman's life

with a spiritual, social, biological, physiological, cultural and emotional understanding. 



You can find me in a small town of 249 people, on the edge of the tablelands, by a creek that falls down into a majestic valley towards the sea, in rural Australia. You can find me in the old St Mary’s church, in my kitchen, or my garden, trying to organise the chaos. With my child half dressed and putting teddies in the watering can, and my husband writing songs in his little painted caravan under the trees. 


You’ll find me in the company of women and children, of family and collaborators and artists, of community. You’ll find me in the arms of my mother, my man or my child. You’ll find me as the youngest of 5, the only girl. Amongst a large and diverse and complicated and beautiful family. 


You’ll find me holding mother’s circles, running creative projects, teaching doula students, attending births, making art, kissing babies, talking and walking and dreaming with clients, planting flowers, communing with the moon and chatting with the land, writing, gathering stories, learning new ways of loving and healing, drinking wine, hugging friends and dogs, rearranging the house, or singing to my babe. ❤️ Come find me. 

Rosie Rick


Work with Me

I work with women from the District: Braidwood, Canberra, Goulburn, Batemans Bay and the surrounds of the ACT or South East NSW.  I am available to meet in person. I also work remotely from my country home, using Zoom or phone call and have great sessions online with clients from all over.

  • I work with women who are not yet mothers, who are wanting to embark on their conception journey with intention. 

  • I work with pregnant women who want to make sure their birth and postpartum is experience is ceremonial, honoured, safe and enjoyable. 

  • I attend births 

  • I work with postpartum mothers who want tender care in this tender time. 

  • I work with groups as a facilitator and educator of ceremony and ritual; using meditation, singing, visualisation, play, movement, and creative personal and group exercises. 

I use meditation, visualisation, creativity, divination, writing and physiological birth and postpartum education in my work for a holistic approach to care. 

I like to take walks together, to chat about life and dreams and get to know each other as we listen to the birds. Or I come to your home with a basket full of food and flowers, to lay in your garden or living room with you, as you tell me your dreams for birth and motherhood and healing. 

I like to invite you to my home for lunch and a Vision Session, using creativity, visualisation exercises and divination tools to create a personal plan to take into life that aligns your birth and motherhood with your core values and deepest intentions. 

I create professional packages that are tailored to each client that are always grounded in your highest intention for your life as a woman and mother.  

We work on birth planning, boundaries, mindset, health and mindfulness practices to take into motherhood. 

A thriving mother is the cornerstone to a thriving world. 

The Bush Church by Rosie Rick - Holistic Birth Work & Mother Care, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Braidwood NSW
Rosie Rick - Holistic Birth Work & Mother Care, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Braidwood NSW, Canberra, Golburn, Batemans Bay

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Rosie Rick 

Braidwood, NSW

Holistic Birth Worker and Mother Carer

Birth & Postpartum Doula

Facilitator and Educator 

Community Maker


m - 0449 187 430 

Rosie Rick - Holistic Birth Work and Mot

The District: Braidwood, Canberra, Golburn, Batemans Bay & Surrounds

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