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In Service of Thriving Motherhood 

Hi, I'm Rose. 

I work with women and families throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum - as an educator and hands-on support person. 

From evidence-based research, we know that continuity of care is the gold standard of antenatal care in Australia, with the best outcomes for mother and baby. Sadly, only 8% of Australian women have access to continuity of midwifery care. This is where a doula comes in! We are not meant to be on this path alone, we can share the anxieties, the hopes, the dreams and curiosity with women in our lives, openly and lovingly. 

You can see me as a friend who is a big nerd for birth and motherhood. Together we navigate the journey of birth with an understanding of our innate physiological needs as women to birth and raise our babies in safety and peace. 

I offer both online and in-person support and workshops. For information regarding the Innate Traditions Community Education Series, click here. 

Please feel free to email me with any questions about my offerings. 

I am passionate about birth that is safe, supported and expansive. I am passionate about the passage into motherhood being defined by love, connection and learning. 

My Lineage

I am a proud Shebirths Affiliate Doula 

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Rosie Rick - Holistic Birth Work and Mot