Rosie Rick - Holistic Birth Work & Mother Care, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Braidwood NSW, Canberra, Golburn, Batemans Bay

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Hi. I'm Rose.

I am passionate about working with mothers in the months after birth, to make sure they are given the peace to rest, to make sense of this new chapter, and to thrive. I also work with women who have had an abortion or an early-birth, as both these experiences are also followed by a postpartum time with specific physiological needs for care. 

You can see me as a friend and extra set of hands, who also has training in postpartum wellness and nutrition, birth story debriefing and more. 

I work in-person in my community - the Braidwood area, NSW. 

I also work online via Zoom. 

I have trained with Innate Traditions Postpartum Care as well as with the Dynamo Doula program for full-spectrum whole-woman pregnancy and birth keeping. I have also completed the trauma-informed training in early childhood development with the Australian Childhood Foundation. 

My packages are responsive to each mother's needs and wants. I work with the 6 principles of postpartum care, and I  outsource where required. My care includes;

  • Warmth - Warm baths, warm home, warm stories, warming herbs, warm feet, warm body. 

  • Loving Touch - Womb care and uterine massage, foot massage and herbal soak, acupressure. 

  • Nutrition - Nutrient dense broths, soups, stews, bakes, cereals, snacks and drinks. 

  • Emotional and Spiritual Companionship and Access to Community 

  • Creative Self Expression - Tools for journalling and artistic exploration of the rite of passage into motherhood 

  • Nature Immersion 

After giving birth to my child, I had the most beautiful postpartum.

I felt seen and heard by my community, I felt well fed, well resourced, well loved, well looked-after. Because of this, my experience has helped me emerge into motherhood with confidence and pride. My motherhood experience has helped me make sense of who I am, in so many ways. It has been a huge transformation that I have been able to utilise because I was given time and space to explore a new self, in my own way. 

My background is in community and cultural development and the arts - I am passionate about thriving communities and have experience designing complex, collaborative projects and working with diverse groups of people.  

From my study with Innate Traditions Postpartum Care, I learned that the backbone of healthy communities is healthy mothers. If I can help mothers thrive in postpartum, I feel like I am contributing an essential ingredient to a thriving world. 

My holistic approach is grounded in a confidence to support women and their families from a

a social, biological, physiological, spiritual, cultural and emotional understanding through the important time of transition that is birth and postpartum. 

I work from a place of trust in our bodies and in nature’s design to thrive. 


I work in an educational, somatic and creative way with both individuals and groups. 


I am trauma-informed, culturally sensitive, spiritually safe, self-aware, honest, approachable, playful and kind. 


I am passionate about birth that is safe, supported and expansive. I am passionate about the passage into motherhood being defined by love, connection and learning. 

My Lineage

I am a proud Shebirths Affiliate Doula 

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Rosie Rick - Holistic Birth Work and Mot