Holistic Birthwork and Mother Care with Rosie

Holistic Birthwork

with Rosie 


Holistic Birth Worker and Mother Carer

Facilitator and Educator 

Community maker


I work with women who are interested in using the rite of passage that is birth and new motherhood to open their lives to new horizons and depths. 


I do this through a practical, playful, physiological and personal approach - working with each individual woman; meeting her where she is at and what she is seeking in her birth and motherhood experience. 


As a birth worker, I help design the right conditions and environment for a safe and expansive birth experience. I work with mindset, intention, conscious communication tools, and support a birth to be guided by the intuition of the birthing woman. I use a variety of birth education resources to make sure mama feels informed and confident in her choices. 

Birth is a deeply spiritual event which we can utilise to heal old patterns, create deeper connections, connect to the Great Mother, and learn to trust completely in our bodies. 


This experience resonates through our whole life as mothers, preparing us for what is to come. 


I work with those who want to see the divinity and holiness of motherhood, to use the experience in a way that deepens our love for life, and connects us to our innate creativity and purpose. 

My work in Mother Care brings ancient, physiological support to the postpartum experience that is beautiful, restorative and healing; allowing for optimal bonding and integration of the birth experience. Oxytocin-boosting practices and resources help mama to ease herself into motherhood, feeling the pride, love and bliss that she is designed to feel. 

I see myself as no guru or expert, but as someone who can help ask the big questions, and hold you as you confront old ways of being that you want to overcome before birth and motherhood. 


If you're interested in learning more about this work, book in a chat with me. I'm always open to answering any questions and meeting new women. 

Birth & Postpartum Doula

 I believe birth to be a deeply sacred event and motherhood a journey full of gifts. work with you because you are interested in using the rite of passage that is birth, and the postpartum period to open your life to new horizons and depths.


Together we will use meditation, visualisation, creative tools and more in your birth preparation program, and we will use physical, emotional and spiritual elements during the birth and your postpartum period. I provide nourishing, holistic care rooted in our physiological and biological design as women. 


As a birth worker, I help families design the right conditions and environment for a safe and expansive birth experience, using a variety of birth education resources to make sure you mama feel informed and confident in your choices. 

Our postpartum care program calls ancient and mystical magic and physiological support so your postpartum experience is beautiful,  restorative and healing. This allows you optimal bonding with your baby and integration of the birth experience. Oxytocin-boosting practices and resources will help to ease you into motherhood, feeling the pride, love and bliss that you are designed to feel. 

The District: Braidwood, Canberra, Golburn, Batemans Bay & Surrounds

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