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Woman-led care means I help you make decisions around your birth that reflect your values and your desire for a healthy and beautiful birth experience, whether at home or in a hospital setting. The priority is that you feel safe, informed and curious about birth, and that your expectations for care are met.
As a birth worker, I provide a supportive and loving presence whose sole purpose is to remind you of your power, and to help protect the sacred birth space. My role is to worship the birthing woman whilst also supporting her family. 

I do this through massage, food, rebozo and natural pain relief methods, supporting other birthing partners, helping to communicate on behalf of the birthing mother to care providers and helping to provide and support the ideal birthing environment. I can also care for other small children in the birth space. 

The cost of my birth packages vary, depending on how much care and support you would like. My minimum rate is $600 which includes X2 pre and postnatal visits as well as birth attendance. 

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