Holistic Birthwork and Mother Care with Rosie

"Thank-you so much for everything, it truly has been such an honour to meet you and have you as part of this journey. So much love and gratitude for you!"

- Claire and the birth of her baby boy, Jan 2021

I work with women and families who are interested in using the rite of passage that is birth and new motherhood to open their lives to new horizons and depths. 

We walk together through this sacred time, ensuring your experience is supported and resourced so you feel like a queen as you traverse this sacred time in your life. 


I do this through a practical, creative, physiological and personal approach - working with each individual woman; meeting you where your are at and what you're seeking in your birth and motherhood experience. 

I create professional packages that are tailored to each client. My support is responsive to your needs and is always grounded in your highest intentions, ensuring your experience not only empowers you but is instrumental in your personal evolution. This means holding space not only for your joy and rapture, but for any emotions that emerge as you let go of a former version of yourself and move into embodied motherhood. 

As a birth worker, I help design the right conditions and environment for a safe and expansive birth experience.

I support birth to be guided by the intuition of the birthing woman. I use a variety of birth education resources to make sure mama and her team feel informed and confident in her choices. 

I attend all kinds of clients; from home birth and hospital birth, to free birth, c-birth, high-risk, low risk, and wild pregnancy. 

Birth is a deeply spiritual event which we can utilise to heal old patterns, create deeper connections, and learn to trust completely in our bodies.

If you want to see how we vibe together and ask me anything about the way I work, please book in a chat with me. These sessions are free. 


The below packages are for in-home and in-person care. For online support, see the Coaching page in my menu 


Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum


Closing Ceremony 

(postpartum healing) 


Deluxe Postpartum Care Package 


Pregnancy Care and Birth Preparation  


If you would like to design a support package that suits you, I am open to discussing rates and care that meet your needs. 

The District: Braidwood, Canberra, Goulburn, Batemans Bay & Surrounds

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