Mother Blessings 

These special ceremonies are designed around the interests and needs of the mother, and include a variety of options to make a beautiful and memorable event in honour of her pregnancy and birth.


Format: Circle. 

Open to all genders or just women. 

Can be outside on-country and picnic style, at home, or at a rented venue like a yoga space. 

Mamas choose a few selections from the following list: 

  • Group meditation and shared vision of joy and ease for the mama 

  • Beading - each woman brings a bead with a prayer and intention, and threads it onto a sacred necklace to take into the birth. 

  • Belly painting. This can be really playful and fun and most often ends in a photoshoot 

  • Mama massage - mama lies in the middle of the circle and surrenders to receiving care and love 

  • Gifting - each sister brings something to take into the birth space to empower the birthing person and family - given with an intention 

  • Food - everyone brings offering of food or something nourishing for the circle to share 

  • Wisdom sharing - the one piece of golden advice for birth postpartum / motherhood 

  • Contribution - each person brings something to contribute; a poem / song / piece of wisdom / letter / story / excerpt / reading for mama to take into the birth space. 

  • Red Thread binding - a shared length of red thread is passed around the circle and onto the wrist of each woman present which is cut when bub is born, a symbol of interconnection and web of life. 

  • Singing 

  • Group prayer 

  • Walking / bushwalking (we could do something really beautiful like everyone could bring a flower and put all their wishes for your birth into the flower then we could walk to the sea and throw the flowers in the ocean!) 

  • Dress ups and/or photoshoot

  • Dance 

I usually ask mamas to pick a few things from this list that they like, and then I coordinate from there. 

I collaborate with mama to find a space, then I invite the people on her invite list and help make the space be really beautiful with flowers, fabrics, smells etc. 

Everyone who attends usually brings a plate of food to share. I also coordinate gifts, and more often than not, my clients end up requesting a cash gift to support them to employ either a birth doula, postpartum doula, cleaner or meal service that can help them once bubby comes. 

I am always open to collaborating on these events so they are super special. I can also coordinate catering and event space hire. 


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