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Pregnancy and Perinatal Companionship

The perinatal period is a sacred time.
Extending from conception through to postpartum, this is the path into motherhood.
This time is not designed to be walked alone. Having support helps us feel safe to make the changes to our lives that are needed in order to walk confidently into the next chapter. My role is to help you make these changes and choices that reflect your values and your vision for your life and family, and to help you come through this transition stronger. 

Think of me as someone who helps you prepare for a big life changing event -  physically, emotionally and spiritually. I do this through listening to you and your individual needs, and support your desire to thrive as you make this transition. 
As well as coaching, I provide friendship, resources, tools, reading lists, podcast recommendations, meditations, breastfeeding advice and resources, nutritional advice and recipe ideas, personal reflections and experience, recommendations to holistic health and wellbeing resources, introductions to like-minded women and community. 

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