Emerging Birthworker Support Circle

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  • Do you want to work in pregnancy, birth or postpartum care? 


    In this circle we work together to explore all the different pathways towards 


    -Study and mentorship options 

    -Designing the ideal business and work set up as a mother 

    -Sustainable business models to avoiding burn-out 

    -Self-directed career change

    -Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum support and what it looks like for you 

    -Tools for self-regulation in the birth space 

    -Navigating your first client and first birth 

    -Tools to come down from birth and process the experience yourself 

    -Modalities to explore in relation to your own birth imprint 

    -Blessing circles, closing ceremonies, ritual design and making containers 


    I have spent the last two years figuring out how to make this work. I’ve researched so many courses, books, pathways and models of care. I’ve had hundreds of chats with doulas around the world about how they make it work. I’ve had moments of great joy, pleasure, success and lack of confidence whilst navigating this path. The full gamut. And I’ll tell you now, I couldn’t have done it without the mentorship and support of other birthworkers in my life who showed me what was possible. 


    I’m here for you, and want to support you as you feel called into this work, and create a community of support as we walk this path together.

    Dates released soon