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Tales from the Fourth Trimester 

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Recommended Practitioners 

Some of my personal recommendations: 


Ten Moons
The Inner Journey of Pregnancy, Preparation for Natural Birth


Real Food for Pregnancy


Labyrinth of Birth

Creating a Map, Meditations and Rituals for Your Childbearing Year:


Sacred Birthing: Birthing a New Humanity
by Sunni Karll


Spiritual Midwifery
by Ina May Gaskin


Birthing from within
An Extra-Ordinary Guide to Childbirth Preparation


Reclaiming Childbirth as a Rite of Passage
Weaving ancient wisdom with modern knowledge


Beyond the Birth Plan: Getting real about pain and power


Herstory Book – Audiobook & eBook

Homebirth on Your Own Terms:




Orgasmic Birth:


Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin and the Farm Midwives


YouTube Homebirth Compilation:




Podcasts episodes: 


Mahasoma Podcast - Sacred Birth


Maternal mammalian ecstasy: the ancient hormonal blueprint for optimal birth and bonding - Sarah Buckley


Matriarchy in action & ancestor assisted birth - emilee saldaya


Revillaging: maternal, cultural, and planetary wellness are one - Rachelle Garcia Seliga


The motherline: embodied ancestry & feminine magic - Lara Veleda Vesta



She SheBirths Show:


Australian Birth Stories


Homebirth parents sharing their stories of pregnancy, birth and postpartum:


Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond




Freebirth Society:




Aware Parenting:


Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering


Beyond Sleep Training Group:


Breastfeeding education and support:


The Milk Meg




The Australian Breastfeeding Project: Breastfeeding information and support


Amberley Harris:


Childbirth Education Resources:


SheBirths: (they also have free weekly prenatal yoga and yoga videos within their packages for home). 

Holistic & evidence-based antenatal classes allow you to understand and enjoy your pregnancy and birth:


Pregnancy: The Inner Journey

Pregnancy is an Inner Journey of Self-Discovery and Trust. Be guided by Jane Hardwicke Collings toward a fully conscious birth, with the use of Goddesses, journal prompts, music, craft practices and rituals, in the comfort of your own home.


Freebirth Society: (this one is more about undisturbed birth but still interesting)


The Birth Class:



BellyDance for Pregnancy




First Forty Days:


Fourth Trimester:


Healing Recipes for postpartum


Community as Immunity:

Herbal Support for Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum:


Susun Weed: