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Mothering and the Nervous System

A practical chat about how our nervous systems affect our mothering

  • 1 hour
  • 70 Australian dollars
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Service Description

This is one of my favourite topics to discuss, and one in which has so much great research to explore! Together, we go through some of the key things we can do to support our nervous system in motherhood and WHY this is so important. We look at ways to resource ourselves in order to better resource our children, which works well for everyone. We explore the way our nervous system in motherhood is inherently designed to be regulated by our environments, and how this can impact; -Breastfeeding -Recovery from birth -Settling and baby sleep -Sex drive and the marital relationship -Mental health, personal ambition and enjoyment of mothering And more! Together we make a plan and explore realistic options and pathways within your own circumstances to make sure you are more resourced and supported - all so you can be the mother you want to be, and do the mothering you want to do. This plan looks at different modalities and tools that are available, as well as practices you can do in your home that you can incorporate into your lifestyle. A unique package 'Your Mothering and the Nervous System' is created for each client, prepared from our discussion, which supports you on this path towards a mothering that is healing, supported and expansive for you, and your children. Please note, I am not a mental health practitioner, more of a guide on this path towards understanding our innate needs as mothers, and how to meet those needs.

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